Sunday Small Groups
Join our youth leaders and others your age for a time of encouragement and study in the Bible. All teens meet in the Activity Center at 10am. 
Community Outreach
The teens of our church have
the opportunity to go with
other teens to tell others
in our community about the love of Jesus. 
Midweek Bible Study
Have you ever wanted to know more about your relationship with Jesus? Have you wondered what your purpose is in life? Find out through helpful teaching from our youth leaders.
“I think it is really encouraging when you have the type of environment where the kids your age are also trying to do right. It is hard to stand for right on your own, but doing right is easier when you are with your friends.”
– Audrey 
“The youth group is more than just a group, it’s family. It’s where everyone wants the best for you. It’s where you can make life long friends. God definitely made this youth group a special place in my life.”   
                       – Michael     
Throughout the year, our youth group has activities that give the teens a chance to connect with other teens in a different environment. These activities come in a variety of exciting things that every teen will enjoy. 
L.O.L. days are a unique and fun time for the youth at FBC. The youth leaders find a project for our teens to work on together. Sometimes this is working on a project on our campus. Other times it is helping a needy family in our community. 
“The youth group gives me a chance to serve. There are opportunities to serve in soul winning and L.O.L. activities. The youth group has also taught me how to have fun, but in a godly way.”
– Austin
Ray & Heidi Carrillo 
Josh & Aimee Finley
“The youth pastors and their wives have your best interest in mind and will always do whatever they can to further your walk with God. They really and truly believe in us and that speaks volumes to me.. That is why I am so thankful to be called a Fellowship Baptist teen.”
– Tori